MX Tran-02 Manual

MX Tran-02 Manual

       Thank you for choosing the MXO-RACING products, please read this document carefully before using it!


       MX Tran-02 is an ultra-small infrared transponder that can be directly installed on the gyro position of MINIZ, and it is suitable for EASYLAP system.



      * Ultra -small volume: 7.5*6.0*2.9mm;

      * Work voltage: 3.3 ~ 8.5V;

      * Personal ID number is programmable;

      * Personal ID range: 1 ~ 16777215;

      * Easy to install;


Power supply connector connection:

    The working voltage of MX Tran-02 is only 3.0~3.3V, so the power connector of MX Tran-02 can only be plugged into the gyro power supply port of MINIZ. As shown below:



MX Tran-02 scope of application:

       MX Tran-02 is only suitable for MINI-Z MR-03EVO, MA-03EVO and MR-02/03 series products.


Working Mode:

       MX Trans-02 has two ID modes:

1) Random ID mode;  

2) user ID mode.   

       MX Tran-01 works in random ID mode while manufacturing. In this mode, the ID is determined by the UUID of the internal MCU of the product. Users or dealers can also change the MX Tran-02 to the user ID mode, which is customized by the user in this mode.

How to set up a Personal ID:

       Please refer to the "MX Transponder Personal ID Setting Method" document.


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