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Programming card for ERUN-20A

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Programming card for ERUN-20A

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Programming card for ERUN-20A

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CROSSOVER-RX AR3207G Series Built-in brushless ESC/GYRO/SR3X/7CH MicroRX/TELEM


    The old AR3207G-D uses a black PCB board, and the silk screen is AR3207G. The new AR3207G-D uses a purple PCB board, and the silk screen is Ma-RX62HE-D. This is because the new AR3207G-D and the new Ma-RX62HE -D shares a set of PCB boards. The hardware difference is that AR3207G-D has one more gyroscope chip and some resistors and capacitors than Ma-RX62HE-D.
    Now we are selling the new AR3207G-D, we would like to inform you to avoid misunderstanding.

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