RXC52-SA&TP Instruction Manual

RXC52-SA&TP Instruction Manual

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    The RXC52-SA&TP is a miniature antennaless version of the receiver integrated with Transponder.  

    The RXC52-SA&TP is a miniature high-speed surface receiver. It is compatible with the SANWA FH4 protocol and is suitable for 1:24/1:28 or MINIZ models. In order to ensure its working distance and response speed, we added a high-gain LNA to the hardware, and optimized the automatic control logic of the LNA in software to ensure that the receiver can work effectively at both close and long distances.

    With its compact size and reliable performance, the RXC52-SA&TP is the perfect choice for hobbyists and enthusiasts looking for a high-quality surface receiver for their mini-rc car projects using SANWA transmitter. 


Size:19.6*12.0*7.0 mm;

Weight: 1.35g;

Working voltage: 3.3~8.5V;

Compatible SANWA FH4 protocol;

Built-in LNA;

Transponder with built-in editable personal ID number;

Personal ID range: 1~16777215;

Parallel high-speed output;

Support 2.6ms high-speed output;  

Interface (Figure 1):

LED Function:

    Blue LED is used to indicate the receiver operating status:

    The blue LED flashes quickly to indicate that the receiver is in the connected state;

    The blue LED flashes at a low speed to indicate that the receiver is waiting for a signal from the transmitter;

    The blue LED is solid to indicate that the receiver has received the transmitter's signal and is working normally;

    Red LEDs indicate Transponder operating status:

    The red LED off indicates Transponder off or no Transponder;

    The red LED is solid to indicate that Transponder is working;  

LNA Function:

     LNA is an electronic component whose function is to improve the operating distance and response speed of the receiver. Some models of transmitters transmit power too much small, then the receiver using LNA is significantly improved in terms of operating feel and response speed, which is more conducive to drift and speed.

BIND Operation:

    First press the BIND switch, and then power on the receiver, when the blue LED flashes rapidly, it means that the receiver is in BIND mode, at this time the BIND switch can be released. Then perform the BIND operation according to the BIND method of the transmitter. 

How to edit Transponder's personal ID number:

    The RXC5 2-A3&TP have built-in Transponder, and users can edit their own personal ID according to their preferences, for which we provide visual personal ID Editing tools as shown in the following figure (Figure 2):

    Before editing the personal ID number, the user needs to use the MX USB PG-ISP to connect the receiver and GUI, as shown in Figure 3. 

GUI download connection: https://store.mxo-rc.com/download-gui

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