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MXO-RACING RXC42-DG-NT(DSM2) V2 Super Micro SurfaceRX/ABS shell/4CH/HighSpeed 5.5ms/GRYO/MINIZ/ATM/DRZ/GL

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MXO-RACING RXC42-DG(DSM2) V2 Super Micro SurfaceRX/ABS shell/4CH/HighSpeed 3.3ms/GRYO/MINIZ/ATM/DRZ/GL

    Thank you for choosing the MXO-RACING products, please read this document carefully before using it!
    RXC42-DG/DP V3.0 is a micro high-speed surface receiver, compatible with SPEKTRUM DSM/DSM2 protocol, used for 1:24/1:28 or MINIZ. Its output speed is up to 5.5ms, which is much higher than other receivers of the same protocol.
    In addition, due to its extremely small size, it can be easily installed on any 1:24/1:28 car frame.
    RXC42-DG V3.0 is a built-in GYRO that supports high-speed output and online FW updata.


1)Size: 21.5*14.6*7mm
2)Weight: 2.4g
3)Working voltage: 3.3~8.5V
4)Compatible with DSM/DSM2
5)Parallel high-speed output
6)Support two output speeds of 5.5ms and 8.25ms
7)Built-in GYRO 
8)Support turning off the built-in GYRO 
9)Support the setting of GYRO sensitivity and direction of action 
10)Support the end point limit setting of the steering channel 
11)Support online firmware updata

Compatible Transmitters

    Compatible DSM/DSM2

Connection Diagram

Bind operation

    First power on the receiver and then press the binding switch until the blue LED flashes quickly, and then perform the binding according to the transmitter's binding operation requirements. When the blue LED on the receiver changes from fast flashing to constant light, it means that the binding operation is successful and the signal has been received.

Switch between 5.5ms and 8.25ms Mode

    RXC42-DG/SP supports two output modes of 5.5ms and 8.25ms, and users can freely switch between these two output modes.
If the user's transmitter does have an LCD,the receiver works in 5.5ms mode when F Rate is set to 11ms in the STSTEM menu of the transmitter, and the receiver works in 8.25ms mode when F Rate is set to 16.5ms .
    If the user's transmitter does not have an LCD, the receiver output mode can be set through the BIND switch. Before setting, first turn VR to the 0 position (if there is no VR, ignore it), and then press the BIND switch twice (once a second), when the red LED flashes, it means that the receiver outputs 5.5ms; when the green LED flashes, it means that the receiver outputs 8.25ms; if you press the BIND switch twice, the RX output mode will automatically change once.
    If you are using the RXC42-DP version, the red LED is on when the RX is working in 5.5ms mode, otherwise the red LED is off.

    Note: If the user has set the receiver to 5.5ms output on the remote control, it is no longer possible to set the output mode on the receiver.

Set the sensitivity and direction of action of the GYRO

    RXC42-DG uses the VR to set the sensitivity and direction of the GYRO. As shown in the left picture, when VR points to the "+" area(Red LED ON), the GYRO acting direction is to the left, when VR points to the "-" area(Green LED ON), the GYRO acting direction is to the right, and the sensitivity setting of the GYRO refers to the indication in the left picture. The top turns off when VR points to 0.

Set the End Point of the ST channel

    When using the built-in GYRO, the signal of the GYRO will be superimposed on ST.Then the output of ST is not limited by the End Point function of the transmitter. If the EXP is too large, the servo may be stuck. In order to solve this problem, we have developed the End Point function on the receiver. The setting method is as follows:
1)First turn VR to the 0 position to turn off the built-in GYRO, at this time the red LED and green LED are off;
2)Turn the ST channel of the transmitter to make the servo arm swing to the desired position on the left and hold, and then press the BIMD switch. At this time, the red LED flashes for about 2 seconds and then does not light up;
3)Turn the ST channel of the transmitter to make the servo arm swing to the desired position on the right and hold, then press the BIND switch, at this time the green LED flashes for about 2 seconds and then does not light up;
4)After the above three steps, the left and right end points of the ST channel are set up. The position of the servo arm on the left and right in the second and third steps is the end of the ST channel.

    Note: When the built-in GYRO is turned off, the End Point value of the ST channel comes from the End Point setting of the transmitter. When the built-in GYRO is turned on, the End Point value of the ST channel comes from the setting of the receiver.

Online firmware updata

    This function needs PC GUI support, and needs to connect RX and GUI through MX USB-PG02 (3P-1.5). The transmitter must be turned off before the RX connects to the GUI, otherwise the RX cannot connect to the GUI.

GUI download connection:


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    2) MXO-RACING brand guaranteed its high quality and continuous technical service.

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