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CROSSOVER RX FR7018T Series 7CH Receiver with 2-3S ESC/TELEM/Brushless ESC/1000-1500m/F3P

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  Thank you for choosing CROSSOCER-RX brand receiver, please read this document carefully before use.

  ​ FR7018T-X V1.0 is a 7CH receiver with diversity dual antennas with a working distance of up to 1000~1500 meters. It integrates 20A/3S brushless ESC and DCDC step-down BEC power supply, and supports full-distance TELEM function (Only D, F2, A2 versions support this function), but the weight and volume are quite small, which can greatly reduce the flight weight and equipment installation space of the model aircraft. There are currently 5 versions in this series.


1)Small size: 34.0*16.2*9.8mm (excluding
​2)Super light: 5.6g (excluding power cord); ​
3)Working voltage: 7.4~11.2V (2~3S lithium battery power supply); ​
4)Working distance: 1000~1500m; ​
5)Diversity dual antenna, 75mm antenna length; ​
6)The JST power connector has been welded on the receiver; ​
7)Built-in 3A/5V DCDC step-down BEC power supply; ​
8)Integrated all the way 20A/2~3S brushless ESC; ​
9)6 independent servo ports; ​
10)Support online firmware upgrade;
​11)Support GUI setting function. ​
12)Support TELEM function(Only supported by D, F2, A2 versions)

Connection Diagram

Built-in brushless ESC:

  Traditional brushless ESCs and receivers are designed as separate types, and they are connected by wires, which will inevitably increase the overall weight of the F3P device and increase the troublesome installation of electronic devices. In response to this situation, we have developed an F3P receiver with integrated brushless ESC. In order to adapt to most F3P aircraft, the built-in brushless ESC is designed with 20A/2~3S. Using this series of receivers can greatly reduce the F3P flight weight.

ESC travel calibration:

  The stroke calibration of this ESC is the same as that of traditional brushless ESCs. Before ESC travel calibration, first turn on the remote control and push the throttle lever to the highest position, then power on the receiver (the brushless motor will give a power-on prompt at this time) -> the motor will sound when the brushless ESC detects the highest throttle Prompt -> Pull the throttle lever to the lowest position after the motor sounds prompts -> The motor sounds prompt when the brushless ESC detects the lowest throttle -> After the motor sounds prompts, the ESC saves the calibration results, and then the user can disconnect the power or start the motor.

Frequency pairing operation:

  After powering on the receiver, press the pairing switch. After about 2S, the red LED on the receiver will change from slow flashing to fast flashing. Release the pairing switch. At this time, the receiver will enter the frequency pairing mode. operation to complete the pairing.

Note: During the frequency pairing of the D version, the distance between the remote controller and the receiver is about 30CM, and the antenna of the remote controller and the antenna of the receiver should be parallel, so that the probability of successful frequency pairing will be greatly improved.

Full distance TELEM function(Only supported by D, F2, A2 versions)

  TELEM function is useful on monitoring battery voltage, receiver working voltage and its signal strength as well as its working temperature in real time, through which customer can get working state of receiver and battery discharging state under control, so flying out of control range and over discharging will rarely happen.

M.BUS1 Equipment port

  The M.BUS1 interface is a multi-function interface: ​

1) Firmware upgrade/function setting interface; ​
2) Output SBUS signal; ​
3) External other sensors (under development);

Note: It is forbidden to connect the battery to the receiver when the PC is connected to the M.BUS1 interface.

M.BUS2 Equipment port

  The M.BUS2 interface is a multi-function interface: ​

1) output SBUS signal; ​
2) connect other sensors (under development);

How to connect RX to GUI software(download link

  The user needs a USB programmer (USB MX-PG02, when using the FR7018T-X, the switch on the programmer is set to the I position) before using the GUI software to configure the receiver function or upgrade the firmware, and set the USB programmer’s ribbon cable Connect one end to the M-BUS interface of the receiver, and the other end to the PC. After opening the GUI software, select the correct port, click "Connect", and then each configurable function module on the receiver will load and display the current setting information of the receiver.


  Because this series of receivers have built-in DCDC step-down BEC power supply, it is forbidden for users to supply power to the receiver from the servo interface, otherwise the receiver will be burned out.

FR7018T-X series receivers have the following 5 versions


    All items will be checked carefully before shipment.We will pack and ship the parcel with 5 day. ( There will be delay when holidays. )
    Tracking information is available within 1-4 days after shipment. We will ship via SF Express or FedEx & UPS. Usually, the shipping time is 7-45 business days. If you can't receive your item, please feel free to contact me for help.


  1)The FR7018T series RX are Not a copy or fake products of other companies; ​
  2)MXO-RF and CROSSOVER-RX brand guaranteed its high quality and continuous technical service.

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