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CROSSOVER-RX Mi-LSM1300/S1700/S1900/S2200 Micro Digital Servo

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Mi-LSM1300 Micro Digital Servo

size:18.1*15.2*7.8 mm;

Range:8 mm;

Weight:1.1 g(not including wires)

Torque:35 g/4.2 V;

Speed:0.12 s/4.2 V;

Working voltage:3.5~4.2 V

Connector: mini JST 1.0mm or mini JST 1.25mm

Mi-S1700 Micro Digital Servo

size:18.2*13.5*6.2 mm;

Weight: 1.7g(not including wires)

Working voltage:3.2~4.2V

Operatingspeed(at noload):0.055±0.005sec/60°

Runningcurrent (at noload):75±10mA

Stalltorque(at locked):0.07±

Stall current(atlocked):250±30mA

Idlecurrent(at stopped):2±1mA


Connector: mini JST 1.0mm

Mi-S1900 Micro Digital Servo

size:22.5*13.45*6.2 mm;

Weight: 1.9g(not including wires)

Working voltage:2.8~4.2V

Operatingspeed(at noload):0.05±0.01sec/60°(3.7V) ~0.04±0.01sec/60°(4.2V)

Running current (at no load):65±10mA(3.7V) ~70±10mA(4.2V)

Stalltorque(at locked):0.50±0.05kg·cm(3.7V)~0.55±0.05kg·cm(4.2V)

Stall current (at locked):450±50mA(3.7V) ~500±50mA(4.2V)

Idle current (at stopped):2±1mA


Connector: mini JST 1.0mm

Mi-S2200 Micro Digital Servo

size:25.6*20.16*8.47 mm;

Weight: 2.0g(not including wires)

Working voltage:2.8~4.2V

Operatingspeed(at noload):0.07±0.01sec/60°

Running current (at no load):60±10mA

Stalltorque(at locked):0.15±0.01kgf·cm

Stall current (at locked):280±20mA

Idle current (at stopped):2±1mA

Institutions limit Angle:200°±2°

Connector: mini JST 1.0mm

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