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MXO-RACING EXR62-SA(SANWA) V2 Super Micro SurfaceRX/4CH/FH3/FH4/

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EXR62-SA is a small car receiver compatible with SANWA FH3/FH4 protocol for 1:18~1:10~1:8. Thanks to its small size, it can be easily installed on any frame.


1)Small size: 21.0*21.4*12.9mm; ​
2)Super light: 4.2g; ​
3)Working voltage: 3.5~9.0V; ​
4)Ultra-short antenna (31mm); ​
5)Built-in BIND switch; ​
6)Compatible with SANWA FH3/FH4 protocol

Connection Diagram


  First press the BIND switch on the receiver, then power on the receiver (the LED on the receiver is flashing at this time), then adjust the remote control to the BIND interface and set it to FH3 or FH4 mode, and finally start the frequency operation, when the LED on the receiver When it changes from low-speed flashing to fast flashing and then turns off, it indicates that the linking is successful. ​When the LED on the receiver is always on, it means that the receiver receives the signal from the remote control. ​When the LED on the receiver is off, it means that the receiver does not receive the signal from the remote control.


  EXR62-SA adopts ultra-short antenna design. After receiving the product, please erect the antenna before using it, so as to achieve the best effect.

Note: Try to keep the antenna away from carbon plates and metal parts when using it!


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  1)The EXR62 series RX are Not a copy or fake products of other companies; ​
  2)MXO-RACING brand guaranteed its high quality and continuous technical service.

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