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CROSSOVER-RX Ma-RX62HE Series Built-in brushless ESC/7CH MicroRX/TELEM(option)

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    Ma-RX62HE-X series receivers were developed upon Ma-RX42E-X series receivers,  with a built-in 7A/2S(5A/3S) brushless ESC and 6 independent servo ports on board, in this case, RX62HE-X receiver can provide more power and more channels to work on larger size or more complicated model planes. We can supply 8 versions in total with TELEM function.

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super small size:24.0*16.0*6.5mm( not including antenna
super light:1.85g(not including power cables and motor connectors)
working voltage:7.4~11.1V
Comes with a built-in 7A/2S or 5A/3S brushless ESC
Built-in DCDC buck circuit(2.2A/3.9V)
Supports double aileron mode(reversed)
Auto binding
Supports TELEM function(D, F2, A, versions support TELEM function)
1.0mm 3P servo connectors

Connection Diagram

Auto binding

    As it is difficult to reach the binding button when the receiver has been installed inside the plane, we developed self-binding function, it works like this: The receiver will enter binding mode automatically after powered and no signal for 15 seconds (slow flashing LED light turns to fast flashing), then complete the binding operation according to your transmitter binding manual.

Double ailerons mode

    Double-aileron mode is developed for those model airplanes using double ailerons. This function can simplify servo wiring connection and transmitter set up. Default is double-aileron mode, you can turn off double-aileron mode by short connect P ports on the above picture, then AIL2 will be set as AUX2 output.

TELEM function(only D, F2, A, H version support)

    TELEM function is useful on monitoring battery voltage, receiver working voltage and its signal strength as well as its working temperature in real time, through which customer can get working state of receiver and battery discharging state under control, so flying out of control range and over discharging will rarely happen ( for brushless motor rotation speed or flight height monitoring, customer needs to choose a more advanced receiver)

    NOTE: The effective control range of TELEM function depends on transmitter, it is possible that this would happen: the working range of the receiver is far more than TELEM function effective range, it is normal and alright!

Ma-RX62HE-X series receivers have the following 8 versions

Mi-LSM1300 Micro Digital Servo

size:18.1*15.2*7.8 mm;

Range:8 mm;

Weight:1.1 g(not including wires)

Torque:35 g/4.2 V;

Speed:0.12 s/4.2 V;

Working voltage:3.5~4.2 V

Connector: mini JST 1.0mm or mini JST 1.25mm

Mi-S1700 Micro Digital Servo

size:18.2*13.5*6.2 mm;

Weight: 1.7g(not including wires)

Working voltage:3.2~4.2V

Operatingspeed(at noload):0.055±0.005sec/60°

Runningcurrent (at noload):75±10mA

Stalltorque(at locked):0.07±

Stall current(atlocked):250±30mA

Idlecurrent(at stopped):2±1mA


Connector: mini JST 1.0mm

Mi-S1900 Micro Digital Servo

size:22.5*13.45*6.2 mm;

Weight: 1.9g(not including wires)

Working voltage:2.8~4.2V

Operatingspeed(at noload):0.05±0.01sec/60°(3.7V) ~0.04±0.01sec/60°(4.2V)

Running current (at no load):65±10mA(3.7V) ~70±10mA(4.2V)

Stalltorque(at locked):0.50±0.05kg·cm(3.7V)~0.55±0.05kg·cm(4.2V)

Stall current (at locked):450±50mA(3.7V) ~500±50mA(4.2V)

Idle current (at stopped):2±1mA


Connector: mini JST 1.0mm

Mi-S2200 Micro Digital Servo

size:25.6*20.16*8.47 mm;

Weight: 2.0g(not including wires)

Working voltage:2.8~4.2V

Operatingspeed(at noload):0.07±0.01sec/60°

Running current (at no load):60±10mA

Stalltorque(at locked):0.15±0.01kgf·cm

Stall current (at locked):280±20mA

Idle current (at stopped):2±1mA

Institutions limit Angle:200°±2°

Connector: mini JST 1.0mm


  All items will be checked carefully before shipment.We will pack and ship the parcel with 5 day. ( There will be delay when holidays. )
  Tracking information is available within 1-4 days after shipment. We will ship via SF Express or FedEx & UPS. Usually, the shipping time is 7-45 business days. If you can't receive your item, please feel free to contact me for help.


  1)The Ma-RX42E series RX are Not a copy or fake products of other companies; ​
  2)MXO-RF and CROSSOVER-RX brand guaranteed its high quality and continuous technical service.

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