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MXL-RX62H-D/D+/D-G (DSMX/DSM2) Receivers/Linear servos/Built-in brushed ESC/TELEM/SR3X/GYRO/Mini RC model aircrafts

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MXL-RX62H-D/D+/D-G (DSMX/DSM2) Receivers/linear servos/Built-in brushed ESC/TELEM/SR3X/GYRO/mini RC model aircrafts

  MXL-RX62H-D is serial compatible receivers specially designed for mini RC model aircrafts. two linear servos are integrated on board, two independent ports for output., one output port  for integrated brushed 3A speed controller, one signal port for brushed ESC. 

This is DSMX/DSM2 compatible receiver

  CYRF6936 hardware version—MXL-RX62H-D/MXL-RX62H-D+/MXL-RX62H-D-G DSMX/2 compatible


    1) DSMX/2 compatible
    2) Independent ports for connecting ESCs outside;
    3)Size: 24.5*24*7.4mm (not including power leads);
    4)Weight:3.5g (including power cables and antenna);
    5)Working voltage: 3.5~5.0V;
    6)With built-in 5A/1S brush ESC( Start lock function);

    7)Integrated with SR3X 3-axis( three working mode: off, low sensitivity, high sensitivity)

    8)Auto binding;
    9)Supports online firmware updating;
    10)Supports GUI set up;


    1)Protocol:Compatible DSMX/2
    2)TELEM function:No
    3)Built-in brushed ESC:YES


    1)Protocol:Compatible DSMX/2
    2)TELEM function:YES
    3)Built-in brushed ESC:YES


    1)Protocol:Compatible DSMX/2
    2)TELEM function:YES
    3)Built-in brushed ESC:YES

Connection Diagram:

How to start the brushed onboard speed controller.

  The brushed speed controller is locked when the receiver is power connected, it would be started only when the throttle stick is at lowest position.
  When the throttle stick is checked at the lowest position by the receiver at first time, the red LED will flash one time indicating the brushed ESC is unlocked and can work.  If the brushed ESC still can’t be unlocked or started even the throttle stick is at the lowest position exactly, please check  on your transmitter and see if THR channel is reversed or the throttle range is not enough, in this case, please change THR set up and try again.

Start-lock function for the built-in brush ESC

  The start-lock function is for protecting the brush motor from being started by accident. According to this function, when the receiver is powered, the brush motor won’t been run according to the position change of the throttle stick. When the throttle stick keeps on the lowest position for 2 seconds or so(the LED light turns to dark for 2 seconds or so and then to bright), the start-lock will be unlocked and the motor will run as soon as the throttle stick is pushed upward.

Binding operation for MXL-62H-D/D+/D-G

  After powered and 10 seconds of no signal received, receiver will enter binding mode automatically (slow flashing LED light will turn to fast blinking), customer can do bind operation according to your own transmitter. The fast blinking LED will turn to slow flashing when the binding is successful, and then turn to solid bright when the signal is received.

Auto binding operation:

  It is a bit difficult to press the binding button when the receiver is installed inside the fuselage, in this case, we developed auto binding
function. After the receiver is powered for 15 seconds and no signal still, the receiver will enter auto binding mode (the slow flashing LED light turns to fast blinking), customer can complete binding operation according to their own transmitter’s instruction.

TELEM function

  TELEM function is useful on monitoring battery voltage, receiver working voltage and its signal strength as well as its working temperature in real time, through which customer can get working state of receiver and battery discharging state under control, so flying out of control range and over discharging will rarely happen ( for brushless motor rotation speed or flight height monitoring, customer needs to choose a more advanced receiver)
  NOTE: The effective control range of TELEM function depends on transmitter, it is possible that this would happen: the working range of the receiver is far more than TELEM function effective range, it is normal and alright!

SR3X 3-AXIS function

  SR3X is a flight assistance system developed specially on fixed wing model airplanes. It can not only help the beginner control model airplane, but also help the senior pilots get better and stable flight attitude.
  SR3X 3-axis gets three working modes: shut off; low sensitive working mode, high sensitive working mode. Customer can set up CH5 on the 3-gear switch of the transmitter through which decides its working mode.
  The blue LED on MXL-62H-X-G is for indicating the working mode:
    1) blue LED light is shut off indicates SR3X 3-axis is turned off.
    2) Solid bright blue LED indicates low sensitive mode.
    3) blinking LED indicates high sensitive mode.

M.BUS Interface

  M.BUS interface is a multi-function interface:

1) FW upgrade/Function setting interface;
2) Output channel signal;
3) Output SBUS signal;
4) Connect other sensors (under development);

  Note: It is forbidden to connect the battery to the receiver when the PC is connected to the M.BUS interface.

How to connect RX to GUI software(Download link:

  The user needs a USB programmer (USB MX-PG02, when used on MXL-RX62H-X , the switch on the programmer is set to the I position) before using the GUI software to configure the receiver function or upgrade the firmware. Connect one end of the USB programmer to the M.BUS port of the receiver, and the other end to the PC. After opening the GUI software, select the correct port, click "Connect", and then the various configurable function modules on the receiver will be loaded and displayed. The current setting information of the machine.

MXL-RX62H series and MXL-RX62E series receivers have the following 21 versions


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  1)The MXL-RX62H series RX are Not a copy or fake products of other companies;
  2)MXO-RF and CROSSOVER-RX brand guaranteed its high quality and continuous technical service.

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